Test Results

Laboratory Specimens

If you are asked to hand in a specimen, please ensure that we receive it in the correct container, obtained from the Surgery, marked with name, date of birth and date of sample.

Similarly, if you need a blood test please speak to our reception.

image depicting blood samples

Results and Investigations

Results of blood tests, x-rays, audiometry, cervical smears and other investigations are available by contacting reception on: 01795 585 255. Please allow 3 working days for results to come back; some tests require longer.

Patients are responsible for contacting the surgery for the result of any investigation or test they have done.

Please remember the following points:

  • Results will only be given to the specific patient to whom they apply. In the interest of confidentiality please be prepared to identify yourself.
  • Please telephone between 2:00pm and 4:00pm to give the Doctor time to comment on the test and at a time when the Receptionist will have more time to deal with your enquiry. Checking results can be time consuming so is not possible during a busy morning.
  • Please do not expect the reception staff to have any medical knowledge. They are instructed only to tell you if your test is normal. If the test is abnormal or you require further discussion or interpretation then please refer to your Doctor.